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Stoney Creek

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Liberal Party:
Tony Valeri
Canadian Alliance:
Doug Conley
Progressive Conservative Party:
Grant Howell
New Democratic Party:
Mark Davies
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Paul Lane
Canadian Action Party:
Phil Rose

Tony Valeri

Previous Result:

Population: 98 198
Avg Household Income 53 032
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23/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
In Stony creek in 97 the liberals got 50% of the Vote and with the polls being what they are, I don't see this seat changing.
25/10/00 IA LUKSIC Email:
Without a doubt this riding will be Liberal. In 1997 it had the Liberals scored the largest percentage of votes in Stoney Creek compared to any other riding in the Hamilton area. Provincially this riding was narrowly with Team Harris (less than 5% margin). The ethnic base (Italian, Croatian, etc) will be solidly Liberal. The rural areas will be split along the conservative parties. There is a strong support in this community also from "Business Liberals". However the Tories are in trouble here with their riding association president defecting to the Alliance. However, if the Liberals can't hold this riding, they pretty much have to give up on the country as a whole.
25/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
Over 50% of the vote in '97 means win in 2000
03/11/00 A.S.
A tug o'war of a riding where the suburban southeastward drift of Tequila Sheila's Hamilton has prevailed over the Niagaraward fundamental conservativism (and conservative fundamentalism) of Grimsby and Glanbrook. CA's Niagara pull and suburban push should be monitored--otherwise, it appears to be a fairly safe keeper. Of microscopic-halving interest: while Valeri got 49.97% in '97, Stan Keyes got 50.02%. In between the two, Sheila Copps got only 49.48%. Looks kind of Olympic...
18/11/00 D. McCulloch Email:
All politics are local. The people of Stoney Creek are talking about the Red Hill Creek Expressway, a municipal issue. The vast majority of voters want the expressway to be built and they known Sheila Copps is the one responsible for holding things up. They want to sent a mesage to Sheila and Tony is going to suffer because of her arrogance and interference.

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