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Liberal Party:
Bonnie Brown
Canadian Alliance:
Dan Ferrone
Progressive Conservative Party:
Rick Byers
New Democratic Party:
Willie Lambert
Green Party:
David DeBelle

Bonnie Brown

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Population: 100 833
Avg Household Income 77 219
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23/10/00 Snickerdo Email:
The PCs have a good chance walking away with this riding if they can pull enough voters away from the Alliance and Liberals, which, considering the riding itself, shouldn't be that hard of a task.
23/10/00 AL Email:
Too close. This riding is high on the CA's Ontario wish list and they're running ex CFL star Dan Ferroni against Grit Bonnie Brown, but having recieved a healthy 48% of the vote last time the Liberals should be safe unless the national CA campaign really takes off.
25/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email: Steven Lloyd
This is another riding where the right-wing split will allow a Liberal to hold onto the seat.
25/10/00 Snickerdo Email:
Yup, I wrote that before I found out what kind of candidate the Alliance had running. The 'star candidate' should give the Alliance an edge over the Liberals and Tories unless, of course, something else interesting happens over the next few weeks.
26/10/00 OakvilleGuy Email:
I was at the Alliance nomination meeting last night, with about 600 other people, and Ferrone surpassed all expectations. Given his stature in the community, he will be able to bring together people from all areas in the community. Ferrone by a hair.
02/11/00 A.S.
Another affluent Lakeshore blue-belter, solidly blue through the Otto Jelinek years, now facing the blue vs green quandary. Ferrone, with his retro-Jelinek jock overtones, raises the stakes for "green"--but remember, too, that Reform tried its all in '93 with another ex-CFLer, Gerry Organ, yet couldn't get far in Guelph. Meanwhile, the long-obscure Bonnie Brown has finally earned respect as an effective Ms. Fixit for Jane Stewart's HRDC debacles. Uh-oh, did I say HRDC...
03/11/00 Adam K. Smith
The Canadian Alliance will win Oakvill with ease, and I'll tell you why in a logical order. First, Oakville is the home to the second largest average income in Canada. They love Mike Harris, and so they should. The people of Oakville are the most conservative-minded people I have met in the province. Secondly, when you add up the numbers, the CA and PC combined would have NARROWLY edged out the Liberals. The right will unite and turn to the CA in the upcoming elections. Why will they turn CA instead of PC? That's my third point. The candidate, Ferrone, played for the Toronto Argos and was president of the Players' Association. He is admired politically and socially throughout the riding. Ferrone will not only get the PC vote from 1997, but a majority of the Liberals as well. I guarantee a win for the Alliance in Oakville.
18/11/00 MH Email:
Has Ferrone done something other than play football that qualifies him for a career in politcs? Just asking. If the right unites behind him he could easily take the seat, but my hunch is that Oakville voters are too sophisticated to swallow the Alliance bait. In Ontario the party appeals chiefly to those who fell left out by the changes of the last 30 years, and that does emphatically not include most of the people of Oakville. In any case, the Liberal party is probably right wing enough for many of them. Will probably go Liberals by a couple of thousand votes.

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