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Liberal Party:
Bob Wood
Canadian Alliance:
Ken Ferron
Progressive Conservative Party:
Alan Dayes
New Democratic Party:
Wendy Young

Bob Wood

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Surrounding Ridings:
Parry Sound-Muskoka

Population: 76 544
Avg Household Income 42 473
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17/10/00 A.S. Email:
It's Mike Harris's provincial home base; but federally, its prevailing profile has been Liberal, which seems to suit the residents just fine. And Harris's desire to appear non-committal will probably continue to stifle the right's hopes. Though Nipissing *did* go Tory in '84...
17/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
56.3% was the liberal vote and I see it remaining that way. However, I will grant that both Reform and the PC's did OK in this riding and so there is an outside posibilty for an upset. Hopefully someone more familier with the riding will write in.
30/10/00 J. Reed
I wouldn't count the Tories out. They have chosen a very interesting candidate: Alan Dayes, a popular and colourful local real estate agent. Liberal incumbent Bob Wood, a former morning radio host, took the seat from the Tories in 1998, but hasn't exactly distinguished himself. Locals have a serious axe to grind about the nearly-closed airbase, and the fall-out from attempt to move new business into the old properties (AirBase Property Corp. sued the feds a few years ago for not leaving the buildings in good condition, and the suit was settled just in time for Chretien's election stop a couple of days ago. Gee, how conventient!) The Alliance? Still haven't nominated a candidate, but the field isn't very remarkable.
01/11/00 J. Reed
Ho hum.... the Alliance has picked their candidate, Ken Ferron, over nomination challenger Sue Miller (wife of Ontario Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller). Bob Wood, the Liberal incumbent, will probably win, but look to the charismatic Tory candidate Alan Dayes to shake things up. A man to watch, certainly.
03/11/00 D. Prisco Email:
The Tories have nominated a star candididate. Alan Dayes, a successful local realtor is expected to give Liberal incumbant a run for his money. The Alliance nominated Ken Ferron, a person not very well known at all in the community.

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