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Kitchener Centre

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Liberal Party:
Karen Redman
Canadian Alliance:
Eloise Jantzi
Progressive Conservative Party:
Steven Gadbois
New Democratic Party:
Paul Royston
Communist Party:
Martin Suter

Karen Redman

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Population: 107 181
Avg Household Income 46 067
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21/10/00 A.S. Email:
Middle America, SW Ont style; the Muncie, Indiana of belwether ridings. Kitchener's parliamentary reps have tended to have a low profile; even the 1993-97 Grit stint by noted historian and author John English proved fairly anonymous. If the Liberals are headed for anything like minority status on upward--which at this early point, appears a near-certainty--then Kitchener Centre'll go with the flow.
25/10/00 J. Richter Email:
Liberal Karen Redman will take this seat probably without passing the 45% mark, regardless of Liberal fortunes nationally. Alliance is running an unknown, PCs don't have a candidate. Traditional Liberal riding; provincially the riding went 50% provincial Tory, almost completely on the coat-tails of Mike Harris. Don't expect a right-wing flow here.
20/11/00 A. Lofthouse Email:
Traditional Liberal riding? I don't think so. I grew up in K-W, and I certainly don't remember it that way. In fact, I remember a certain John Reimer representing Kitchener from 1984-1993. Reimer, as you probably know, is now running for the Alliance in Waterloo-Wellington, and sounds like he is very ideologically comfortable in his new party. If you ask me, a riding that elects a right-winger like that can hardly be called 'traditional Liberal'. I haven't lived in K-W in several years, so I'll refrain from making a prediction this time around, but I will say this: like many Ontario ridings, the K-W area ridings elected Liberals in 1993 and 1997 largely due to the Tory-Reform vote split, and I would speculate that the weakness of the Conservative vote in this election could change that. The Alliance has run a pretty sloppy campaign nationally, but if they have some decent local candidates, they could still do well in the 519 area code. We'll see.
23/11/00 Andrew Drummond
I realise that it is a long shot, but I have heard that Mr. Royston is running a very strong campaign (at least in the middle portions of the riding). He could have a chance....

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