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Liberal Party:
Julian Reed
Canadian Alliance:
Tim Dobson
Progressive Conservative Party:
Tom Kilmer
New Democratic Party:
Brenda Dolling
Green Party:
Tom Adams

Julian Reed

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Population: 100 335
Avg Household Income 69 264
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22/10/00 A.S. Email:
Belonging to the amiable happy-dilletante school of Liberal MPdom, Julian Reed was also once an MPP and has dabbled in acting between political gigs; "accidentally" winning against PC Garth Turner in '93, he substantially increased his advantage folowing the '97 redistribution. But you can be sure CA's gunning for this classic outer-905 Niagara Escarpment riding which reelected its provincial PC member by a whopping 65% in '99...
02/11/00 WJM Email:
The Ontario Tories did very well in the 905 belt in 1995 and 1999. But the federal Grits also did very well in the same zone in 1993 and 1997. Reform/CA vote in Ontario is highest in rural farm country (with one or two excpetions), and lowest the closer you get to downtown Ottawa and Toronto. Halton is suburbanized enough to be a safe Grit seat unless the CA and Grit numbers in Ontario pull even in the 40+ range.

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