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Liberal Party:
Bob Speller
Canadian Alliance:
Jim Maki
Progressive Conservative Party:
G. H. GaryMuntz
New Democratic Party:
Norm Walpole
Canadian Action Party:
Scott Morgan

Bob Speller

Previous Result:

Population: 95 652
Avg Household Income 45 853
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01/11/00 A.S.
Speller was a surprise '88 victor, not a '93 landslider, which has helped him appear deceptively strong in tobacco country. But CA nominated here early, MPP Toby Barrett's stumping, and Jane Stewart's next door...
10/11/00 Fraser Stone
I believe this riding is going to be very competitive and I truly believe the Alliance has a chance of winning this one. They have a strong campaign arranged, and considering the compined Reform Conservative vote would have beat Speller, this time they will win.
26/11/00 Fraser Stone
Local polls are showing the Alliance has come from behind 10,000 votes to neck and neck. We all know Alliance voters are more likely to vote. Because of these facts I believe the Alliance will win Haldminand Norfolk Brant
26/11/00 lrs Email:
Lib candidate too strong but CA vote may be over 30%-rural seat should do well

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