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Don Boudria
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Sebastian Anders
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Ashley O'Kurley
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Guy Belle-Isle
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Wayne Foster

Hon. Don Boudria

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Population: 92 158
Avg Household Income 47 156
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11/10/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Don't be fooled by the riding name; the significant francophone population in this Liberal stronghold should make "Binder Boy" a slam-dunk.
12/10/00 SAS Email:
House Leader Boudria won 71.8% of the vote in '97 in this Liberal Strong Hold. Expect a similar result in the next federal election.
16/10/00 Mike O'Brien Email:
Don Boudria made a lot of political enemies during his handling and comments regarding the HRDC issue. The PC's always come second here. If they run a high-profile or even mildly well-known candidate..they could actually capitalize on the billion dollar boondoggle effect. It would be quite a coup for the tories - and quite a fight - but the point is that Boudria is likely in trouble thanks to HRDC - just because he kept himself on the forefront in the HoC during the whole escapade.
17/10/00 A.S. Email:
To predict that the PCs (?!?!? In 2000?!?!?) will knock over Boudria is the grossest kind of party-plumping wishful think--especially with the kind of ultra-premature "ifs" O'Brien offers here. And it's grossly inappropriate for this prediction site. A warning to all: even if you're partisan, look before you dribble. Anyhoo, Boudria's probably got one of the top 10 or 15 safe Grit seats--I *will* allow, for argument's sake, for the possibility of a PC/Alliance shock (cf the provincial PCs, who actually fielded a contendah here in '99). But that's all I'll do--*allow*. Not *predict*. *Allow*.
17/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
Yes the PC's place second, but look at the 97 results. I don't think the HRDC scandle will cost Boudria 25%+ and even if it did they wouldn't all go Tory. This will be a Liberal seat no questions asked.
16/11/00 R.D. Email:
I'm from this riding ... the Alliance candidate needs an anger management course given his performance on local radio and during a recent debate! He has already committed political suicide by prompting the issue of official bilingualism (he is anti) in this predominantly francophone riding. If the people of GPR want to send a message to 'binder boy' Boudria, they should send it through the 30 year old bilingual researcher and PC Candidate, Ashley O'Kurley. He excelled at a recent debate and has articulately expressed his party's platform ideas on issues important to GPR -- health care, taxes, agriculture -- and a Leader people can trust. My vote will go to the PC's. R.D.
19/11/00 A.S.
An articulate candidate + a personal vote do not = a viable prediction. And remember, once again, this is a *prediction* site, not a "my vote will go to..." site...

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