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Liberal Party:
Roy Cullen
Canadian Alliance:
Mahmood Elahi
New Democratic Party:
Ana Maria Sapp
Communist Party:
Elizabeth Rowley

Roy Cullen

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Etobicoke Centre
York South-Weston
York West

Population: 104 029
Avg Household Income 51 909
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14/10/00 A.S. Email:
The traditional linchpin between conservative Etobicoke and the ultra-Liberalism of "West York", Etobicoke North is in the upper-middle of Grit strongholds, generally safe except (as in '84) in case of opposition landslide. Yet if one wants a harbinger of what *may* happen with a strong united-right Alliance campaign, look no further than the '96 by-election result, where Joe Peschisolido came within 10 points of winning this for Reform. And don't laugh.
25/11/00 Ed
In the bye-election referred to above, the voters of this riding had the opportunity to oust the separatist BQ as Official Opposition by electing a Reformer. Many decided to do so. The fact that even in that situation more voters decided instead to send just another sleepy Liberal nobody to Ottawa shows just how solid this riding is for the Grits.

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