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John Maloney
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Dean Allison
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David Hurren
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Jody Di Bartolomeo
David Bylsma
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John Gregory
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William Schleich

John Maloney

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15/10/00 JJG Email:
In the previous two elections, the current Liberal MP John Maloney has squeaked out two victories without having very much competition from the other parties. This election will be different if the Alliance nominate a strong candidate. Dean Allison is seeking the Alliance nomination and in all probability will win the nomination. Allison is young, charismatic and energetic, something the people of Erie-Lincoln have not seen in a federal politician in some time. The local Alliance riding association already has the support of a former Tory MP and the popular Erie-Lincoln MPP Tim Hudak. Watch for the Alliance, with Allison as their candidate, to have a strong, organized campaign and win solidly in Erie-Lincoln
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
This is not a strong riding for the Liberals. The PC's should be competitive here, and look to win the riding if things go well nationally and in the debates.
23/10/00 Snickerdo Email:
There's no way this riding is going to the PCs. This is another riding that had more support for Reform up until a week before the election back in 1997 before a sudden switch to the Liberals. It was a close race back in 1997, and it'll be a close one again, only it'll be Liberals vs. Alliance, not the PCs! I'd say the Alliance right now has the upper hand, if the Alliance doesn't win here then it will be a very close Liberal victory. The PCs, like in 1997, will be left in the dust.
(Notice a trend here? In every split Alliance/Liberal riding Pundit is posting some pro-PC jibberish without even looking at previous election results and understanding the riding itself. I live in Niagara, I know what's people are talking about. The Canadian Alliance and the Liberals are in the air, and there's no speak what so ever of the Federal Tories or NDP.)
29/10/00 RJF Email:
Erie Lincoln is a very interesting riding. It has a very strong Liberal tendency, especially in the Port Colborne / Fort Erie areas, whereas it has a strong Reform / Alliance tendency in some of the North end areas. Current member John Maloney is Parliamentary Assistant for Justice and is highly respected in government circles -- he gets things done! For people with constituency concerns, there has been no one better representing the interests of our area. I expect a very close election.
28/10/00 JOE Email:
I wouldn't count the Alliance out of this one it could be a tight race for Maloney.
01/11/00 A.S.
I'd have to agree that, based on recent record, PC's done like dinner in Niagara; the farmer evangelicals from Lincoln to Wainfleet sold their soul to Ref/CA long ago (or even a step beyond; CHP does double digits in many polls around here). Indeed, it's incredible that a riding with a slab of unrelenting, working-class, Franco-Catholic-tinged Liberalism such as Port Colborne would have *that* poor a Grit-vs-Ref quotient in '97. A good Stock's Freedom Train magnet, if you ask me...
01/11/00 Marty von Wuthenau
I think this is one of the best chances the Alliance has to make a breakthrough in Ontario. I had a key role for the Tories in this riding in the last federal election and was shocked by the support the Reform had, particularly in the Lincoln/West Lincoln end of the Riding (the tories barely got 15%). This time I will support the only true alternative to the Liberals - The Canadian Alliance. For an incumbant running in his third election, John Maloney has had an easy ride due to vote splitting. This time he's in some trouble. The tories don't even have a candidate and the Alliance campaign is off and running with a strong rookie candidate (Dean Allison) who's being backed by the popular local Ontario Cabinet Minister, Tim Hudak. This is one to watch on election night, I predict the Alliance win in a close one.
03/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
Erie-Lincoln is an interesting riding; old Ontario farmland girded by ribbons of highway and towers of steel. It reminds me of York Norh or Lanark-Carleton, in that it isn't really small-town anymore, but some people who live there retain their small-town attitudes. I would give the Alliance a better shot here than in, say, the St. Catherines or Stoney Creek ridings that border on it. But fertile ground for the Alliance doesn't mean the seeds will grow. I haven't seen any evidence in this riding that the Alliance has a chance of winning. Those angry white old male farmers who make a lot of noise already went to the Reform in 1993. There aren't a huge chunk of potential Reform voters waiting to shift. It will take a lot of Stockwell Day's fertilizer to get an Alliance victory here.
04/11/00 Snickerdo
A.S. is right, in many of the polls the CHP blows the NDP and PCs right out of the water. I am thinking of one in particular where the CHP got 52 votes while the NDP got only one. In the end the CHP just finished blow the NDP. Very right-wing, very conservative and filled with farmers, this looks like it could very well be an easy take for the Alliance, that is, if Fort Erie and Port Colborne wern't in this riding. Keep an eye on this one (and the Niagara Region in general). It'll be something to watch on the 27th.
19/11/00 Michael W Ensley
I live in Beamsville. The CHP is toast. I voted in the advanced poll and their name has been removed from the ballot due to their party being delisted for failing to run 50 candidates. So, the candidates name appears with NO party name. He is just an independent. Now, the signs are out before the CHP was delisted so there will be some loyal CHP supporters voting that way. However, I expect the CHP vote will bleed mostly to the Alliance. The key is who bleeds and who remains loyal to the CHP. In any event the CHP will be wiped out in this election. The liberals only need to hold their core liberal vote in the northern part of this riding to win. I do see some slippage of their Liberal vote from last time. IMHO the Alliance will win polls in the North,but it will not be enough to compensate for the higher liberal vote in Fort Erie to Port Colbourne. The Liberals will win in a closer race than last time.
24/11/00 JJG
Unbelievable!!! The only two people that predict Erie-Lincoln will go Liberal are the Webmaster and John Maloney (the Liberal Candidate). I attended one of the debates earlier this week and couldn't believe what I saw. Maloney was booed and heckled every time he spoke. He was not very well received at all. After the debate, Maloney didn't even stick around to talk to the media or the public. He snuck out without even speaking to anyone. Allison clearly won that debate, as he did the other debates, as I understand. Allison is also winning the sign war in Erie-Lincoln. The Liberals only have signs on public property whereas, Allison signs are ALL on private property and on a lot of them.
26/11/00 lrs
just a wild guess- seatmay go CA- CA good candidate- Lib no great shakes- tory MPp backing away from TO influence- rural-

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