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Hon Jane Stewart
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Chris Cattle
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Stephen Jun
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Dee Chisholm
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Mike Clancy
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Graeme Dunn

Hon. Jane Stewart

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Population: 99 511
Avg Household Income 61 362
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12/10/00 Richard Email:
Jane Stewart had a hard year last year. She was in the news almost every day. She has proven herself as an articulate voice and has gotten sympathy from her constituents for what they saw was an unfair political attack against her. Stewart is a really down to earth and sweet woman. She may or may not survive a cabinent shuffle but the HRDC Minister will be resoundingly returned to Ottawa by the people of Brant.
16/10/00 L.O. Email:
The words one billion and waste have been connected over Jane Stewart's head enough to embarass her constituents. I won't bother using your "newspaper clipping field" - what's the point? just look in every second headline between October and June. A CA candidate will take this seat.
16/10/00 Mike O'Brien Email:
PC Gain. no way will Jane Stewart escape the great HRDC grant fiasco. On top of that - she can be linked to the HRDC super-file situation. No riding wants their MP associated with waste and supreme embarassment.Besides - she isn't very high on the epcking order with cabinet matters any more anyway and that takes away the one sweet part of electing a cabinet member.
18/10/00 AL Email:
The hopeful pundits above forget the deep roots Jane Stewart has in this riding. A Nixon has held this riding continuously either provincially or federally since the 1920s without fail and despite the HDRC scandal it's unlikely that Jane Nixon Stewart will be the first to drop the torch.
18/10/00 J Smith Email:
Brant is the riding of HRDC minister, Jane Stewart. After months of sustained pressure, Stewart will likely lose this riding. The Tories will nominate a strong candidate, and pick this riding up. Look also for a strong showing from the Alliance, but a Tory gain.
31/10/00 A.S.
In '97, it was among the safest SW Ontario Lib seats (she's a *Nixon*, goddamit); today, thanx to HRDC, if not the most threatened, it might be among the most aggressively targeted--the federal version of Dave Johnson in '99. Though the potential targeters have a so-so or faded foundation within the riding--but under the circumstances, that could change. Another problem is that the residual "Derek Blackburn" factor could result in NDP taking more than the usual anti-Jane vote that CA'd deem rightfully theirs. So she might be humbled...but not gone...
01/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
Harry didn't lose. Bob didn't lose. Jane could torture kittens in the town square and she would still squeak through. Jane ain't gonna lose. This is a bedrock of "Clear Grit" Liberalism running back to the days of Oliver Mowat and Alexander MacKenzie. If anything, the HRDC issue will only serve to increase turnout to support the "favourite daughter" who has been unfairly maligned by nasty reactionaries from out West. The Liberals have a better shot in Red Deer than the Alliance does in Brant.
04/11/00 W. McBeath
Ms. Stewart will have an uphill battle this election convincing her constituents that 3 Billion dollars wasn't really all that much money, and that 12 police investigations really aren't that many (although those 12 were generated from less than one half of one percent of red-flagged cases). I think that the citizens in this riding have become disolusioned with the incompetence of this government. The scathing Auditor General's report, which the Liberals almost didn't get to hear (funny, that happened last election as well...) will be in the minds of a large number of once Liberal supporters. Far from aruging her case well in the House, she chose to blame the system, previous workers, and a host of other shallow excuses that only sought to quell the rising discontent of the Canadian people with this government's inability, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness. Jane Stewart will not be returning to Office after this election, her bungling of the HRDC "Boondoggle" was clear enough indication that indeed her abilities as a Minister were laughable. Personally, I believe that the only reason she received a Ministerial post in the first place from "Papa Jean" was that her father has been a long-time Grit Fundraiser... Ah, Patronage at work :) Stewart no longer deserves a mandate from her consituents, and Canada certainly doesn't need to be lumbered with yet another unaccountable public bungler, feeding at the public trough.
19/11/00 herb harker
the voters in brant riding are extremely independent of national issues and we find the alliance attacks against jane steward as attacks against the people of brant riding.jane stewart will be returned with a higher vote total than her last election,hey alliance leave your 1950s mentality out west we dont need it...

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