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Brampton West-Mississauga

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Liberal Party:
Colleen Beaumier
Canadian Alliance:
Hardial Sangha
Progressive Conservative Party:
W. Glenn Harewood
New Democratic Party:
Matt Harsant
Green Party:
Mike Hofer

Colleen Beaumier

Previous Result:

Population: 93 798
Avg Household Income 64 015
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14/10/00 A.S. Email:
One of the better-mandated "905" Grits (60% in '97, over three times her nearest competitor), Beaumier *appears* invincible; however, this'll be an important litmus test for how well the Mike Harris magic works on the Alliance. And not only because it's one of the (if not *the*) country's fastest growing ridings; it's also the provincial bastion of Harris minister/prime CA organizer Tony Clement. I'll still deem it Liberal, but it's one to monitor...
04/11/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
Notice how you haven't heard much from Mike Harris so far in this election campaign? According to CBC Radio's Queen's Park reporter, Harris doesn't particularly like Stockwell Day, and strongly disagrees with several policies that Day implemented in Alberta ... so don't expect to hear much in the future either.
08/11/00 The Insider Email:
This riding shows how much Tony Clement thinks of the Alliance. He chickened out of a tussle with the popular, constituency-focused Beaumier. With no credible opposition, Beaumier will cruise to a third term -- probably with a larger plurality than last time out.
21/11/00 Fred Pritchard
People have commented in other ridings about the number of Reform-Alliance signs vs the number of Liberal signs, however, they fail to notice that most of the Reform-Alliance signs are on public property, not private. This is becuase no one wants to put them on their lawn!

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