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Brampton Centre

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Liberal Party:
Sarkis Assadourian
Canadian Alliance:
Prabhat Kapur
Progressive Conservative Party:
Beryl Ford
New Democratic Party:
Sue Slean
Green Party:
Andrew K. Roy

Sarkis Assadourian

Previous Result:

Population: 100 431
Avg Household Income 63 634
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26/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Liberals won with 20% over the nearest Reform in '97. It's perhaps a different ballgame this time, but for now I give them the edge.
30/10/00 Mike Wakefield Email:
This riding was included in the '905 oversampling' on the October 27th COMPAS poll: Liberals 62, Alliance 24.
30/10/00 Steven Lloyd
I suspect that with 48% of the vote ('97) the Liberal candidate will take this seat. If they need help, there are plenty of strong Liberal seats around Brampton to assist.
30/10/00 Brad N. Email:
Liberals support couldn't likely be eroded enough here for them to lose...
31/10/00 A.S.
*All* of the Brampton ridings have an Alliance-positive quirk to them. BWM has Tony Clement as MPP. BGMS once had, unfortunately, the "race factor"--now neatly turned inside out. And in Brampton Centre, Paul Crawford led a very strong Reform campaign that scooped up an astounding 28% in '97. Parachuted in after he lost Don Valley West thru redistribution, Assadourian's never really gelled w/local Liberalism, and with a big CA surge this could be teetering on vulnerability...
08/11/00 The Insider Email:
The CRAPPERS don't stand a chance in hell here. The only reason for their strong second-place finish last time out was an unfair, race-based bias against the Tory candidate. This time around, the Tories are running Beryl Ford, a popular and very well-known trustee who finished a strong second in Bramalea-Gore-Malton-Springdale in '97. Unless the national Tory support surges down the stretch, Ford won't win -- but she will finish second. Expect Assadourian's share of the vote to slip under 45 percent, but he should still win easily. And do keep an eye on the NDP candidate, Sue Slean, a vice president with the Ontario Federation of Labour and outspoken labour activist. She is a strong candidate who will help the NDP continue to build in this riding: 3 percent in '93 federal, 8 percent in '97 federal, 14 percent in '99 provincial. As for the CRAP candidate . . . fourth-place isn't out of the question.
09/11/00 Nicholas Dureault
Working with Sarkis Assadourian, and helping with canvassing, I feel that this riding will be taken by the liberals. As we visit each house the response is very positive. I'm positive that we will have a similar liberal percentage as last election.
23/11/00 Email:
Insider, I find your comments highly offensive, if not typical of a Liberal who's back is up against the wall. The Race card is sooooo easy and effective to deploy, isn't it? Well, I used to live in that riding, until I joined the Brain Drain that Crouton does not admit exists, and you know what? I think the previous PC candidate in that riding sucked. The fact that the Brampton Guardian reported that an incident of domestic violence had occurred at his residence did not have any bearing on that. Not to mention that he couldn't fought his way out of a wet paper bag any better than run a campaign. On the other hand, I will not mention that the Liberal MP representing Brampton Centre first thought he was running in Brantford. Or will I mention that he raised funds for his campaign in Montreal. Nor will I mention that the Armenian press has proudly linked him to the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, whose members, according to Canada Customs, are not allowed entry into Canada. To do so may be construed as ...racist. I'm just glad that Sarkis has Nicholas as a guide to the city as I wouldn't want our member to get lost. Why doesn't he live in Brampton? I know the city has gone to shit in the last 10 years, but that is no reason for our member to not live in Brampton. Ah, I have my own problems to worry about, being in the states. When are the Lorne Scots going to deploy for Peacekeeping duty in Florida? I need a 2*4 of Sleemans. But alas, I digress... These recent events in the south do not provoke me in the least to return to my home and Native land. Just like Babs and Baldwin have pledged in the US, I pledge not to return until Crouton is gone! That way, I MIGHT be able to afford to live in Canada, pay taxes, student loans..... etc etc ad nausea.....

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