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Peter G.MacKay
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Wendy Panagopoulos
Darryn Gallivan

Peter MacKay

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10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
Peter MacKay's riding. A very intelligent, talented, popular MP and a rising star in the Tory caucus, he will easily be reelected here.
11/10/00 Jonathan Horler Email:
Peter MacKay is a possible candidate for leadership the next time round in the PC Party and will clean house at the polls
11/10/00 Bluenoser Email:
A popular incumbent and favourable history spell Tory success here.
14/10/00 Richard Email:
A Tory stronghold. If the party is going to be alive in the next few years, you can count on the effort of Peter Mackay to ensure that. He is a rising star in Canadian politics and the only possible future leader in the Tory caucus.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
McKay is the only political star in a caucus of certified sad-sacks. An easy slam-dunk victory, especially with the expectation that McKay will replace Clark when the erstwhile Tory leader meets his certain doom in Calgary Center.
18/10/00 J Smithy Email:
Mackay is the tories best MP, except for Elsie Wayne. Look for a massive PC victory this time.
24/10/00 A.S. Email:
Elsie and the son of Elmer; the milk and glue that hold the federal PCs together. Indeed, beyond the simple stuff of holding his own riding, I wonder if MacKay might be trotted out on behalf of the regional fortress, as a sort of Duceppeian federal emissary for the Lord-Binns-Hamm machine...
24/10/00 J.W.
Peter will be elected as long as he wants the job. The liberals have nobody to oppose him and the Alliance have no funds there to mount an alternative campaign. If the PCs only get two seats in this election, Peter will be in one of them.
26/10/00 Peter J EMAIL:
MacKay better get ready to assume the PC party's leadership because after November 27 Joe will be toast and young Peter will take the reigns uncontested (like that's something to look forward to?).
30/10/00 EB EMAIL:
This is definatly "Tory Territory" I believe that almost all, if not every MLA in this riding is PC. Peter has been a real voice in this riding, and has the support of many people, of all party colours. They won't ever make the mistake of electing a Liberal again... look what happened with the very last Central Nova MP!
Peter also has charisma, intelligence and a drive to do what is best for his country. These assets are more important than his Dad and cronies, who have been excellent advisors, but definately not babysitters. Peter holds his own.
29/10/00 JRFD Email:
MacKay is the Tory's strongest MP and should hang on. If he wants the leadership after the election it's his. Of course he'll probably get more tempting overtures from the Liberals, CA or the provincial Tories.
01/11/00 J.P. Kirby Email:
First off, a little bit of info about Roseanne Skoke, who was the controversial Liberal MP for the now-defunct Central Nova riding from 93-97. Had the "my way or the highway" pro-gay NDPers not sabotaged the vote back then, Skoke would probably have won the nomination (or at least have a decent chance) and maybe even returned to Ottawa. That said, those days are over for the Liberals, having returned to its Tory roots that same campaign, and will continue to do so this time.
05/11/00 HVB Email:
MacKay has the resources, including the money, the history, and the organization. The CA will increase their support over 1997 partly because many people see a Tory vote now as a wasted vote. Harvey Henderson, an old friend of Elmer MacKay is running for the CA and considerable numbers of former Tory supporters have switched. The CA may possibly attract enough votes to give Liberal Raymond Mason a shot. The NDP may drain off some Liberal votes.
07/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
With Clark holding at a strong second in Atlantic polling, McKay looks secure here. But a wipe-out for the Tories is still a distinct possibility. It all depends on McKay's ability to hold his supporters in the face of a concerted Liberal effort to take this riding back.
26/11/00 Initial (R.I.) Email:
The other candidates are just too weak to beat the PC house leader... MacKay will win hands down!

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