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Rodger Cuzner
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John M. Currie
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Alfie Macleod
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Michelle Dockrill

Michelle Dockrill

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11/10/00 L.O. Email:
Dockrill barely took this riding from David Dingwall. The Liberals have spent money here and have tried to smooth things over with the DEVCO deal. The promise of more patronage, plus recent changes to EI rules will all weaken Dockrill and strenthen the Liberals. As long as they run a candidate who is even mildly known - they will win.
10/10/00 JRFD Email:
After Angela got off the NDP life raft and onto the Tory Titanic Michelle secured her position as the weakest link in the NDP Caucus. Since Cape Bretoners only vote NDP and Liberal this is a gaurenteed gain for the Liberals.
10/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
A former Liberal Senator is running for his party here, posing a threat to NDPer Michelle Dockrill. If the Liberals are to regain a foothold in Nova Scotia after 1997, look here.
Editor's Note: Senator Bordreau is seeking the Dartmouth seat.
13/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Nobody was more surprised when Michelle Dockrill beat David Dingwall here than Michelle Dockrill herself. She has been an incompetent MP, and even admitted to the local press once that when she first ran, she didn't even really want to be the MP. I expect that the voters will approve her request and send her packing.
13/10/00 A.S. Email:
I'll hedge, but things don't look especially good for Dockerill, especially if Frank-type rumours of out-of-depthness are a factor; like many of Bob Rae's provincial NDPers in 1990, she probably suffers from having barely expected to win in the first place...
21/10/00 Mike D Email:
OK, so why didn't Senator Boudreau run here? Or, as of yet, any other prominent Liberal? Maybe the Liberals, with all their polling, know something we don't. After all, Cape Bretoners have no reason to be any less pissed off with the feds than when they tossed out Dingwall in '97. Despite her weaknesses stated in previous posts, it's a bit early to write-off Dockrill. Too close.
26/10/00 Christopher J. Currie EMAIL:
Dockrill is the most vulnerable New Democrat in the country. It would take a miracle for the Liberals not to take this seat back, this time.
29/10/00 JRFD Email:
I am starting to hedge. Dockrill is not a strong MP but surprisingly the Liberals are not running anyone strong against her. There are too many issues that are pissing off Cape Bretoners - DEVCO/SYSCO/Tar Ponds/EI. With the Liberals talking so much about tax cuts instead of the issues that matter to Cape Bretoners Dockrill may just get back in. Too close - Tories and CA won't register.
29/10/00 J Shaw Email:
PC candidate, Alfie MacLeod has good name recognition and good track record provincially. Roger Cuzner, Liberal nominee, is not well known. Incentive to vote Liberal to keep DEVCO mines open is gone. NDP's Michelle Dockrill is seen as weak candidate and not able to help riding. With the chance of a minority Liberal government federally and a PC government provincially, voters may see the PC candidate as being able to get something from bothe levels of government. I see a very close race between the Grits and the Tories with the PC having the advantage.
01/11/00 CC Email:
Michelle has been a weak MP, however three reasons not to write her off - weak Liberal candidate and a very strong Tory who will pull Liberal votes away and policies (coal and others) that are big time amunition to use against the Liberals. I predict she could win again and if someone had said I might siggest such a thing only months ago I'd have said they were nuts...
01/11/00 EK Email:
Alfie MacLeod is one the Cape Breton's finest. He's certainly well-liked in his area. I think Dockrill has seen her day in the HoC and Cape Breton will realize that electing a PC or a Grit is the only way to be heard and get things done. Fortunately, Mr. MacLeod has given his name and the people of Bras d'Or- Cape Breton have a good choice for MP.
03/11/00 AES Email:
This riding will go Liberal. Inverness and Richmond will vote Liberal, as I suspect will the former Cape Breton County area. Glace Bay is the key and both Cuzner and Dockrill are from that neck of the woods.
03/11/00 alex Email:
This will stay NDP. Alexa's popularity will carry over. And who frogets the Cape Breton Closures by the Liberals
08/11/00 James T. Chlup
This is a Liberal gain. Dockrill won for the NDP on a freak anti- Dingwall swing. With such a small NDP majority, she is bould to lose when the NDP are down by some 18% in the province.
09/11/00 J Smith Email:
Dockrill will lose and will only be remembered for bringing a baby into the house of commons. The PC's have nominated a very popular candidate, while the liberals nominated a weak candidate. The Tories will make enough gains among those who would normally vote liberal, while those people who voted for Dockrill last time will go to the Liberals. The Tories will win, the Liberals in Second, the NDP in a distant third and the Reform Alliance will not even register. Big Tory gain.
12/11/00 Blake Robert
I know Rodger Cuzner. He was a great citizen when he was living in my hometown of Fort McMurray, Alberta. His great personality, combined with the close previous Liberal result and Michelle Dockrill's ineptitude towards her job will put Rodger in the house.
12/11/00 AC Boutilier Email:
I think the people of Bras d'Or Cape Breton will make the same mistake twice and will vote in Rodger Cuzner.
13/11/00 R. Neville Email:
The Liberal spinners heard from so far know very little about Michelle Dockrill's Parliamentary performance. In fact, she was a stalwart during Question Period and in Committee. If the riding is so accessible to the Liberals why are they throwing it away on a known Dingwall puppet? Dockrill will increase her margin.
19/11/00 C. Betts
This is one of those seats that the Liberals should be able to pick up. Dockrill does not seem like someone who would easily win re-election. However, she was in the right place at the right time to take down Dingwall. Having beaten one titan, giving the advantage to a completely new candidate, is a little premature. Plus, the unemployment picture remains bleak and the EI changes were halted before the election started. Add the fact that the NDP is represented by a Nova Scotian leader and I predict that Dockrill will hang onto the seat in a close race.
20/11/00 JM
I really feel that people voted Dave Dingwall out as a protest vote which backfired on the constituents, lots voted for Michelle Dockrill but no one in their right mind expected her to win. What a shock to all of us. Well we paid the piper and now its time to be on the side of government again. Let's go Rodger! Talk about retire Cape Breton, how about getting everyone back to Cape Breton and having something to offer them!
21/11/00 Email:
This week the Chrétien will be arriving in Cape Breton to assure this riding. It would appear to be a three way race and the damage endured by Cape Breton with the power of a minister may not be forgotten just yet.
21/11/00 JaneyCanuck Email:
I did not say Sackville would vote NDP, just that there is significant supoort there. The most recent media reports see this riding as a toss up with so many divergent parts in the riding. Angela still has enough support in her region and there are enough Tory organizations to help her!
24/11/00 todd riley
I believe Rodger will win this seat hands down, Michelle had done absolutely nothing for this riding but complain, Rodger is a great family man and will be a positive attribute to Jean Chretien's team
26/11/00 JRFD Email:
It would take a miracle for Dockrill to get re-elected here. Even the most optimistic NDP members have written her off. The harshest criticisms of her tend to come from NDP members. With extremely high undecided in Nova Scotia, who knows what will happen in the rest of Nova Scotia. I think the Liberals are scared that their support will stay home. The Tories appear to be doing well enough to keep their seats and the NDP are masters at getting the vote out. Rodger Cuzner may end up as a Cabinet Minister by default if he's the only one who can get elected. I wonder if he's up to it.

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