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John McCarvill
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Philip Mayfield
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Pmela Culbert
New Democratic Party:
Raymond John Skelly
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Al Charlebois
William Turkel

Phillip Mayfield

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12/10/00 Mike Parkes Email:
The Alliance is strong here. Mayfield will return.
29/10/00 A.S.
The Reform/Alliance formula: take 2 parts PC, one part NDP, stir, cook, and serve. Any PC & NDP leftovers can be served as an appetizer, or if you prefer, mixed in with the Liberal side dish. Yum, yum. Mayfield cracked 50% in '97 *slurp*
07/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
A CA slam dunk. I have seen no evidence that anyone else is even campaigning in the riding
07/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
I should have added, this is my home riding. Phil Mayfield and wife have been by around here, but no one else. I know who the NDP guy is, a former fed MP from the Island and now a parachute here - Ray Skelly. No idea who the Liberal is and I live here. I expect record low turn out and a higher Ca vote than Reform
20/11/00 Bernard Schulmann
One week to go and I have not seen a single pamphlet, sign, add or anything for anyone but the CA

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