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Jonathan Dai
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Rahim Jaffer
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Gregory Toogood
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Hélène Narayana
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Kevan Hunter
Marijuana Party:
Ken Kirk
Canadian Action Party:
Kesa Rose Semenchuk

Rahim Jaffer

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Popular incumbent Alliance MP Rahim Jaffer is expecting a strong challenge from both the Liberals and the New Democrats in this urbane riding, and will run hard as a result. In the final analysis, however, the challenge will probably have been overestimated as runs away with the victory and cruises back to Ottawa.
18/10/00 S. Hollyoake Email:
The Constituency Association for the PC's is strong and is signing up new members every week.
25/10/00 Anand Sharma Email:
okay, so this one is going to be interesting. Our brown poster boy faces a weak liberal candidate in Jonathan Dai(although he's nice). The NDP on the other hand have a strong candidate in Helene Narayana, a member of the francophone community. Edmonton-Strathcona has a strong francophone community that quite frankly Rahim can't appeal to BUT overall the alliance will win with the NDP flipping with Libs for second. The PC's are dead here....Susan come on it's like me saying the NDP is gonna win in Crowfoot(although a rapist just might named Jack
30/10/00 A.S.
If Jaffer's a poster boy for anything, it's the extreme edge of Reform/CA's "urban strategy"; that you can be as young and hip and urbane and stylish and "multicult" and at ease among Strathcona's barhoppers as heavenly possible while still representing the same party as Myron Thompson. (And Rahim ain't got a whiff of Keith Martin wimpiness, either.) For that reason alone, I can't see him losing; indeed, CA strategists are probably figuring how to plant that magical Rahim Jaffer electoral DNA into a few central Toronto ridings...
01/11/00 BDL Email:
I happen to know the PC candidate in this riding, and to all Alliance supporters, you in for a fight. Expect him to cut into Jaffer's lead by a fair amount
08/11/00 C. Hampel Email:
An Edmonton Journal-Global TV poll published in todays paper (Nov 8)puts the Liberals 10% behind the CA, with 20% undecided. This riding has a strong provincial Liberal/ND following. After Bill 11 and recent headline news concerning the CA's health care platform, I see this riding going to the Liberals.
20/11/00 Anand Sharma
Here's my final prediction here. I recently organized the University of Alberta All candidates debate and Jaffer was smooth although students really don't like him in general. You'd think that his youth would appeal to the students but rather they see him as slimy and slick(not my words..) and a betrayer of students because of his party's position on post secondary education. He'll win simply because NDP candidate Narayana, a good solid candidate, was not organized right from the start and really blew her chance by not appealing to students and the francophone community. As an NDP supporter, I was surprised by her inability to connect with the students and the U of A campus itself(a large component of this riding). The Liberals fielded a remarkably poor candidate who needed to read the Red Books over again before going into a debate and was the poorest speaker I have seen in an election campaign thus far. Rahim will win in the south of the constituency...enough to cruise to victory because of the weakness of the campaigns against him...and btw I let Rahim know that he is NO WHERE NEAR the policies of the CA, but rather sounds like a liberal, he flatly denied many of the core CA beliefs which seperate his party from the Libs, and those points he did defend he sounded like he actually didn't believe it, and even championed himself the defender against the MAI...go figure...i think we got a potential floor crosser here ladies and gentleman......
23/11/00 Mr. Plow Email:
The Liberals couldn't win this riding in 1993 or 1997 when they were more popular in Edmonton and feilded stronger candidates. Why would they now?
24/11/00 Email:
There's absolutely no way the Liberals will take this riding. Rahim Jaffer is hugely popular and is one of the few real stars of the previous Reform caucus. Couple that with Chretien's bigoted slip about Albertans being of a "different type", and it's a runaway for Jaffer.
26/11/00 MC Email:
A recent Edmonton Journal poll shows this riding to be virtually a dead heat. It is far to close to predict.

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