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Hon David Kilgour
Canadian Alliance:
Tim Uppal
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Allan Ryan
New Democratic Party:
Joginder Kandola
Communist Party:
Matthew James
Canadian Action Party:
Micheal Sekuloff
Natural Law Party:
Richard Shelford

Hon David Kilgour

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09/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
Although against any other Liberal this riding would be fertile ground for the Alliance, it would take a massive surge of Alliance momentum in order to knock popular, long-time MP David Kilgour out of this seat. He has surived much greater challenges before than he will receive this time from a weak, unknown Alliance candidate.
14/10/00 Michael Cooper Email:
It appears likely that Gary Rohr will win the hotly contested Canadian Alliance nomination in Edmonton-Southeast. Gary will be a high profile, media-savvy candidate who is fully capable of mounting a credible campaign to defeat incumbent David Kilgour. Kilgour barley edged lack-lustre Reform Party candidate Eleanor Maroes in 1997. Moreover, Edmonton-Southeast has nearly 2,500 members making it the largest CA Association in the Edmonton Region. With the Canadian Alliance sitting at 61% in Alberta and a solid candidate like Rohr running, the outcome is inevitable.
17/10/00 Ian Berg Email:
Although it will be messy here, the Alliance will take this seat from the Liberals along with winning every other Alberta riding. No amount of campaigning by David Kilgour will be able to break the united efforts of provincial Tories and federal Alliance to win this seat for the Stockwell Day Alliance Party.
21/10/00 Anand Sharma Email:
Well this one is going to the alliance. David Kilgour is strong, however the Alliance really wants this. They've got that same cow Maroes running again I believe, and are strong in terms of their riding association. I think the NDP candidate who is likely coming from the Sikh community will split just enough of the vote to allow the alliance to beat the Libs...too bad.
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
It true... The Liberals managed to defeat the Reform last time by a margin of only 4.52%... With Day as the new leader and support for the CA in Alberta in full force I doubt that Kilgour will be able to hold this seat. If the CA has a poplar candidate that favours them as well, but it is probably not even necessary for them to claim the seat.
30/10/00 A.S.
No doubt CA's aiming for the great Alberta sweep with a vengeance. But Kilgour's a truly beloved, if geographically contradictory, political fixture, akin to those proud, solitary or near-solitary Lougheed-era Alberta Lib/ND MLAs. If he falls to the tidal wave, he'll do so a hero.
31/10/00 Blake Robert
The Alliance has nominated Tim Uppal in Edmonton Southeast. Tim is a young and energetic candidate who has strong ties to the ethnic community in Southeast. David Kilgour, though not nearly as bad as Anne McLellan, still needs to be sent into retirement. 6 terms is more than enough time to milk the Canadian taxpayers for a nest egg. Mr. Kilgour visits to Ottawa after November 27th will be as a tourist, not as an MP.
09/11/00 Email:
Tim Uppal has the definite advantage of being the Alliance candidate in this riding. The appeal of the Alliance and Stockwell day shall unseat Kilgour. After Nov. 27, Alberta will be a solid block of Alliance seats - no other party will be represented in Ottawa from Wild Rose Country.
12/11/00 Anand Sharma
Well, I've got to say that there has been a shift in the Southeast, the momentum is now in Kilgour's favour. I don't look at public signs(such a waste people...I mean who ya foolin!)but signs on properties and word of mouth and the confrontational approach of Stock the Jock has turned people off the CA and back to their original party, the PC's. Kilgour has been more vocal this campaign than his 3 and a half years this term(ironic isn't's still too close to call, momentum keeps swinging from one to another. Uppal's one downfall may be assuming he has the strong Sikh community based upon the fact that he is sikh....BUT i hear within the community that the Sikh community is endorsing Kilgour, as he too is a BIG supporter of their community....the Libs may win and they can thank Pierre Trudeau for this one........
19/11/00 Anand Sharma
Well I'm going to tentively make a call and say this one will fall in the hands of the Liberals once again. There was a huge shift last week and the Liberals are looking good (as well as around the city of Edmonton). The latest poll indicates this although the Global polls are very inaccurate (they put a local ND MLA at 22% and she won with 51% on e-day!!)It put Uppal at 37% to Kilgour at 36% and the margin of error they claim is 3.5% although with a sample size of just 125 or so it should be more like 8 to 10%. Still anything can happen but i've got a gut feeling and the NDP support has eroded to just 2% which is astonishingly low....this is what strategic voting does people.......
19/11/00 Sandy Berger Email:
The feeling of desparation in the Alliance campaign is palpable. Stockwell Day has given up any chance of winning and is now running to "send a message." The "why did he lose?" peices have already started among the newspaper columnists. Seeing this, Edmonton voters will have a choice: do they want to be part of the government or the opposition? Do they want to leave Alberta with a voice at the Cabinet table or render the province mute? I think enough will decide to return a government Liberal for Kilgour to squeak through. FYI the margin of error for a sample of 125 is 8.9%.
20/11/00 WJM Email:
Don't count Kilgour out just yet...
24/11/00 Peter Pereira Email:
The prime minister in his arrogance (sorry comical) fashion has alienated Westerners again. His reference to not being able to work with Westerners signed off any hope of any Liberal victories in Alberta. (Unless you quickly change this prediction from a Liberal win, you will be easily proven wrong.)
24/11/00 Boss Jeff Email:
Kilgour will win again. This is his riding more than any party's and his work in the cabinet will help him through on Monday.
26/11/00 MAL
I believe this riding will remain Liberal. David has consistently served the riding well and is highly respected by both government and opposition M.P.s. He always does his best to put this riding first and we should be thankful.The riding would be better served to have a man of his calibre representing us than a member of the opposition.
26/11/00 D C Email:
Latest COMPAS poll for the Toronto sun at released Nov 23 and taken Nov 22 has the following: Uppal 47%, Kilgour 46%, Ryan (PC) 4%, Kandola (NDP) 2%, Other 1% of the decided and leaning. The sample size was 200, the undecided and not leaning was 16%, and the margin of error is 7.1%
26/11/00 lrs
CA would want this candidate to win- but seems trend to LIBs but Edm Journal said undecided leaning to CA who has best organization will win

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