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Harold Cardinal
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David Chatters
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Douglas L.Faulkner
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Alysia Erickson
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Reginald Normore
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Harvey Alex Scott

David Chatters

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10/10/00 Chris Delanoy Email:
A rural Alberta riding - guaranteed slam-dunk for the Alliance.
11/10/00 Blake Robert Email:
This riding covers most of northeastern Alberta, which is economic hotbed right now. We have elected a conservative/Alliance MP for as long as I can remember.
19/10/00 A.S. Email:
Once upon a time, this may have seemed like Alta's potential answer to the far-north wilderness'n'resource town NDP bastions of BC-Sask-Man, while an ex-MLA from Fort McMurray made what passed for a serious Grit bid in '97. But gee, remember what province this is...
03/11/00 Julian Digby Email:
Rick Casson is in the safest riding in the country for the Alliance. The federal PCs are barely breathing in the area and are running some university student who is involved in the PC youth who doesn't even live in the riding. The Liberal candidate is a local embarrassment.
09/11/00 Keith Marlowe Email:
Doug Faulkner is a wildly popular mayor in the Athabasca riding. He's chosen to throw his lot in with the PCs. There's a tremendous level of loyalty to good municipal politicians. Hopefully his constituents will vote PC out of loyalty.
12/11/00 Blake Robert
Doug Faulkner, while a very nice man, doesn't have a chance here. I am writing this message from Fort McMurray, largest city in the constituency. At a charity auction last night, Doug was the subject of the majority of jabs against his candidacy. He has pissed off a number of people, including the local Health Authority, for his inaction on a proposed non-smoking bylaw. His popularity as mayor has run out, and running for the tories is just his way of ending his career.
14/11/00 IM
This will be an interesting election. Doug is a Newfoundlander and has been in McMurray as Mayor for the last two elections. With the large population of Newfoundlanders in McMurray I feel this will help Doug. The last election shows that our Reformer/Alliance MP is vulnerable and should be changed. He has been in now for two terms and with Doug I feel the tide is about to turn. I agree with Robert on the smoking bylaw, inaction may not have been popular with some but it was rather a controversial issue. The other positives he brings should outweigh any negative feelings. He is very outspoken when it comes to the Oilsands and exceedingly pro development although not at any cost but with respect for the environment as well as our Native population.
21/11/00 The Scoop
A poll conducted on Tuesday has PC candidate Doug Faulkner leading the riding of Athabasca. Such is the conifdence of the voters in this vast region, that PC leader Joe Clark will be arriving in Fort McMurray this Saturday Nov. 25 in support of Faulkner. National leaders, along with the national media, do not support a lost cause. With only a few days to go it indeed looks like it is a time for a change.
23/11/00 Blake Robert
CJ... Ian... please consider the entire riding. There is no way Doug Faulkner will be winning in Athabasca, Westlock, or High Prairie, or anywhere else that isn't Abasand in Fort McMurray. The people of Fort McMurray need to realize that a PC MP will do them absolutely no good. Its looking more and more likely that the PC Party won't even retain official party status, and that cuts down on the funding given to the party and, ultimately, the amount of resources available to the region. At the same time, the region knows full well that they should expect arrogance and complacency from the Liberal government, and that would not change if Dr. Cardinal became our MP. What region needs is what its had for the past 7 years. An effective opposition Member of Parliament whom has both the resources of an official party, and the respect of a nation. Joe Clark is wasting his time even running in this election, and he is certainly wasting his time by coming to Fort McMurray on Saturday.

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